James Barlow’s ‘Steals of the Month’ and a free American Whiskey tasting at Spec’s Oak Ridge North

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

The fall season is slowly descending upon us.  This will probably be the last Rose I write up this year.  Although truthfully, I drink Rose year round.  I recently attended a tasting with several under $10 wines that were all absolutely stellar, so that makes this blog pretty simple…. Wines for days that end with ‘Y’.

Also, there will be a free American Whiskey tasting at Spec’s Oak Ridge North next Tuesday, the 18th from 6-8pm.  I apologize for the short notice, but sometimes that is how it works.  THIS EVENT IS FREE.  Please RSVP to candacemalcom@specsonline.com.

Liquors to be tasted: 

Jack Daniels Black

Gentlemen Jack

Wild Turkey 81 & 101

Tin Cup

Templeton Rye

Woodford Reserve

Rebecca Creek


Brumont Rose 2015

Gascogne, France

Cash Price $9.99

Brumont is a Tannat, Syrah, and Merlot blend without the implementation of oak.  Light, stunningly refreshing with flavors of wild strawberries, red cherries and tinges of red apple pounce into medium plus acidity.  James Score: 88 Points

Reserve de L’Abbe Red blend 2015

Cotes du Rhone, France

Cash Price $6.99

This Grenache based red blend is silky smooth without being encumbered by oak.  All red fruits of raspberry, red cherries and smidgeon of smoke and black pepper hit the finish.  James Score: 89 Points

Reserve Saint Marc Sauvignon 2015

Sud de France

Cash Price $6.59

Crisp, clean and un-oaked Sauvignon Blanc that is appealing in every way if you are looking for a great deal on this varietal.  Citrus, lemon grass and grapefruit zing through medium plus acidity.  Yum! James Score: 89 Points

Thank You,

James C. Barlow

Certified Wine Educator

Certified Sommelier


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