CA’MOMI Heartcraft Sparkling N/V


Cash Price $12.99

but only $10.99 with a $2.00 Spec’s Key discount thru the end of the year

Sparkling wine crafted from the heart, this bubbly pops on the palate with tart green apple and citrus that are persistent with hints of melon, pear and white flowers. Pair with ANY Celebration!

Tiziano Pinot Grigio


Cash Price $10.99

Pinot Grigio weather is here! This refreshing white offers lively acidity and tropical fruits with a perfectly crisp, clean finish. Pair with warm weather and an ice-cold glass.

Marques Concordia Tempranillo


Cash Price $10.99

This Tempranillo is gushing with flavor.  The wine offers flavors of red cherry and currant with good balance and just a whiff of new oak on the finish. Pair with food truck enchiladas and empanadas.

Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon


Cash Price $12.99

But only $11.99 with a $1.00 Spec’s Key discount through the end of the year

This is my daily Cabernet at the house. Supple and inviting flavors of blackberry and dried cherries flow into a lengthy finish of toasted oak and juicy fruit.  Pair with every day!

Playtime Red


Cash Price $9.99

This playful red blend is sure to be a hit at your dinner table.  It is a Zinfandel heavy wine that offers flavors of blueberry, plum and vanilla with hints of exotic spice.  Pair with a grill and meat while wearing your favorite apron and cooking for the family.

Gouleyant Malbec


Cash Price $9.99

Gouleyant is a delicate and seductive Malbec that shies away from Argentina to offer uniquely French flavors of cassis and black cherry with hints of pepper and spice. Pair with baked ziti and sausage.

Maturo Sangiovese


Cash Price $7.49

Sangiovese is deliciously friendly with flavors of dried strawberries, plum and violets that give the wine a robust, yet smooth profile. Pair with a margherita pizza.

Trumpeter Malbec


Cash Price $9.99

Trumpeter is a full-bodied Malbec that offers inky color and flavors of currant and blackberry with touches of exotic spice on the finish. Pair with blue cheese burger and salty fries.

Ca’Momi Rosso


Cash Price $8.99

But only $8.24 with a $.75 Spec’s Key discount through the end of the year

This rosso is truly built for BBQ with Zinfandel being a primary varietal of this blend.  Flavors of dark jammy blueberry and blackberry zing through a medley of spices and soft tannins.

Gryphus Sauvignon Blanc


Cash Price $11.99

This is one of my favorite white wines. Zesty acids are whipped into shape with flavors of citrus and grapefruit with kisses of grass and meadow flowers.  Pound with the spicy crawfish.

Reserve Saint Marc Chardonnay


Cash Price $7.29

Fun, Fresh, Fruity and un-oaked….This is perfect porch pounding Chardonnay.  Flavors of fresh green apples and pear touch through easy acids.  Hints of nuts and cream touch the finish.  Great party or every day drinker to indulge without worrying about the price. 

Shannon Ridge Petite Sirah


Cash Price $12.99

But only $11.99 with a $1.00 Spec’s Key discount through the end of the year

My ‘go-to’ daily winery offers this juicy Petite Sirah. Ripe flavors of blackberry and black raspberry jump into vanilla, spice and cedar on the finish. Pair with Lasagna and meatballs.

Thank you,

James C. Barlow, CWE, CSS

Spec’s Fine Wine Buyer

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