Ryan Patrick Red Head Red

Washington State

Cash Price $9.99

  • Cabernet dominant with black fruit and cedar
  • Blackberry, cherry, chocolate covered raspberries, cedar, vanilla
  • Pairs with Provence herb crusted lamb shanks

Hayes Valley Chardonnay


Cash Price $11.99

  • Green apples and creamsicle
  • Melon, pear, vanilla, lemon meringue, oak
  • Pairs with beer battered fish and chips

Chateau Lavagnac Rouge

Bordeaux, France

Cash Price $11.99

  • Merlot dominant with red fruit
  • Medium bodied notes of red plum, cherry, and vanilla
  • Pairs with sausage and brisket

Segura Viudas Extra Dry Sparkling NV

Cava, Spain

Cash Price $11.99

  • Ripe citrus fruits
  • Medium bodied notes of white peach, apple blossoms and baked pie crust
  • Pairs with butternut squash risotto

Perimeter Cabernet Sauvignon


Cash Price $9.99

  • Black and red fruit
  • Full bodied with notes of currant, black cherry and toasted oak
  • Pairs with pizza night

Quady Flore de Moscato sweet white


Cash Price $11.99

  • Citrus and peaches
  • Light body with notes peach, mango, white flower, and honeycomb with a light spritz
  • Serve chilled with a ladies night out

Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses Rhone Rouge

Rhone Valley, France

Cash Price $9.99

  • Grenache dominant with red fruits
  • Medium bodied with notes of red pomegranate, stewed fruit, cinnamon and black pepper
  • Pairs with bacon wrapped and cream cheese filled peppers

Roblar Sauvignon Blanc


Cash Price $9.99

  • Ripe and succelent
  • Light bodied with notes of citrus, guava and grapefruit
  • Pairs with Texas in September

Bonnete Cabernet Sauvignon


Cash Price $9.99

  • Dark fruit
  • Medium plus bodied with notes of blackberry, currant and savory herbs
  • Pairs with Tex-Mex fajitas

Pigmentum Blanc

Gascogne, France

Cash Price $9.99

  • Aromatic with exotic fruits
  • Light bodied with notes of grapefruit, citrus and melon.
  • Serve chilled with buffalo chicken wings and celery

Le Versant Pinot Noir


Cash Price $10.99

  • Red fruit and violets
  • Medium bodied with notes of red
  • raspberry, violets, red cherries and cream with a hint of oak
  • Pairs with a chicken BLT

Sonalto Vinho Verde


Cash Price $6.99

  • Crisp citrus
  • Light bodied with notes of salty citrus, lime zest and lemon spritz
  • Pairs with briny oysters on the half shell

Thank You,

James C. Barlow, CWE, CSS

Spec’s Fine Wine Buyer

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