The 12 under $12 for September 2022

Imus Red Blend


Cash Price $9.99

  • Intense aromas of red fruit
  • Flavors of wild strawberries, red cherry and pastries
  • Pairs with Honey Baked Ham

Radio Boka Rose


Cash Price $9.99

  • Aroma citrus and red fruit
  • Flavors of red raspberry and cherry
  • Pairs with the dog days of summer

El Portillo Pinot Noir


Cash Price $9.99

  • Aromas of light red fruit
  • Flavors of bright red cherry and spice
  • Pairs with a roast beef au jus

Gryphus Sauvignon Blanc


Cash Price $8.99

  • Aromas of zesty citrus
  • Flavors of grapefruit and meadow flower
  • Pairs with spicy crawfish by the pound

Sonalto Vinho Verde White


Cash Price $7.59

  • Aroma of citrus
  • Flavors of salty citrus, lime zest and lemon spritz
  • Pairs with briny oysters on the half shell

Casa Ceccato Pinot Grigio


Cash Price $7.59

  • Aromas light citrus
  • Flavors of tropical fruit and flowers
  • Pairs with friends and festivities

Carrione Chianti


Cash Price $8.54

  • Aromas of red fruit
  • Flavors of light red cherry and cranberry
  • Pairs with menudo

KWV Chenin Blanc

South Africa

Cash Price $9.99

  • Aromas of tropical fruit
  • Flavors of melon and guava
  • Pairs with a chicken BLT

Liberation de Paris Cabernet Sauvignon


Cash Price $10.99

  • Aromas of dark fruit
  • Flavors of blackberry and cassis
  • Pairs with sloppy joe sliders

Fog Bank Cabernet Sauvignon


Cash Price $9.99

  • Aromas of dark fruit
  • Flavors of plum, cassis, and caramel
  • Pairs with herb crusted lamb shanks

Simply Cabernet Sauvignon

Washington State

Cash Price $10.99

  • Aromas of dark fruit
  • Flavors of blackberry, currant, and cream
  • Pairs with pulled pork sliders

Dado Red Blend


Cash Price $8.99 but with a $3.00 Spec’s Key ONLY $5.99

  • Aromas of jammy red fruit
  • Flavors of brambly boysenberry and spice
  • Pairs with spicy chorizo shrimp stacks
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